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Many mold businesses will use fear to put extra cash in their pockets. Fortunately, Texas Total Mold is not in that business. We provide you with honest, and quality work whether you hire us for mold consulting or remediation. We trust our work and employees that we guarantee the following:

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Mold Inspection & Testing

An inspection and survey of a property to provide information regarding the presence, identification, or evaluation of mold. Results in an assessment report that describes any observations made, measurements taken, and locations and analytical results of samples taken by consultant. In addition, a mold management plan will be included that gives a client guidance on how to prevent and control indoor growth at a location.

Mold Remediation Protocol

A document that specifies the estimated quantities. and locations of materials to be remediated, the proposed remediation methods and clearance criteria for a mold remediation project. This document is required by Texas law if the area being remediated is 25 contiguous square feet or more.

Mold Remediation

We will perform mold remediation according to a mold remediation protocol. We will use negative air containment, proper HEPA equipment, and use custom mold removal methods. If you hire us, we'll get it right the first time.

Mold Clearance

We will inspect the job site and provide a CMDR (Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation) upon a passed inspection. This will require the use of air and surface samples. The CMDR is a certificate adopted by the Texas Department of Insurance that confirms a property is clear of mold.

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